Minimize the television.

Television has been linked to increased violence, obesity, poor school performance, increased gambling, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity. 

Television is the single most destructive influence upon your child’s development and your family.  If you want your kids to do better in life,  invest their time in books,  magazines and newspapers.  There are PLENTY of ways for kids to amuse themselves besides television.  When television is minimized, your kids will have plenty of time to do homework; and you’ll have the time to help them.

To achieve any type of success in life, you must get rid of your addiction to television.  Television is junk food for the mind.  The content on television has the nutritional content of cotton candy. It feels good but it doesn’t do any good.

When you watch television you are gradually indoctrinated to believe that there are more important people out there than you and that you are less important than they are.  After all, they are on television, right?  They must be important.

Additionally, the monotonic frequency of the signal coming off television produces an irritability to the mind which contributes to anger, restlessness, insomnia, depression, impulsive behavior and obesity.

Try getting off the television for a few weeks and see how you feel.