The world is pretty tough, and so it is easy to get depressed and sad. 

Television and the media can make you feel worse especially if you see a lot of celebrities who you feel are leading glamorous lives.

We can actually make our depression worse by comparing ourselves to others or to an unrealistic expectation of ourselves.  If we expect ourselves to be world-famous billionaires, and we are not, we can get angry and down by dwelling on what we are not.

Our minds are machines that reflect what we put into them.

If we tell ourselves that we are successful and happy and remind ourselves why this is so, our  minds will believe it.  The Bible refers to this as ‘counting your blessings.’

Sometimes we feel as if we can’t do anything right.  Well, actually, we do a lot of things right; and the good thing about your brain is that it can not distinguish between picking up a paperclip off the ground successfully and landing a lunar module on the moon.

So, if you are feeling down, you have to remind yourself of all the small stuff you did that day successfully no matter how trivial and small it may seem to you.  So, if you got out of bed without falling down, remind yourself of that.  If you brushed your teeth okay, remind yourself of that.  And so on.  Pretty soon you will be feeling better.  You can do this repeatedly to cheer yourself up.

Depression Questionnaire