Am I the right pediatrician for your child?

I can’t tell you until we’ve met because so much depends upon personal chemistry and your expectations of what a pediatrician should be. Most of the pediatricians in town practice pediatrics fairly uniformly. Where we differ is in our personalities. I have a laid-back personality. I’m not into white-coats and ties. So if that is what you expect, I’m not the right doctor for you.

I don’t define professionalism by how well a person dresses. I define professionalism partly by how well a doctor follows through with what he or she starts out doing. Some people expect a doctor to be an encyclopedic miracle-worker. That’s not me either. My job is not to know all the facts that exist nor is it to work alone in a vacuum.

Many people think of a doctor as an authority who has all the answers.  If that is what you believe a doctor should be, then I am the wrong doctor for you.  In reality, the patient has to work with the doctor to come up with an optimal solution.  You are the expert on your body, and I am the expert in maneuvering around the field of pediatrics.  Many times we will succeed, but sometimes we will fail; but whatever we do, we will do together.

COVID Vaccination Recommendation

I highly recommend that children receive the COVID-19 vaccine according to the latest guidelines that are set out by the CDC.  The benefits of the vaccine will far outweigh any downside.  I recommend that your child receive the vaccine at any of of the accredited and approved pharmacies that are currently administering the COVID-19 vaccine.  I am not giving the vaccine at the office because of the unique storage requirements for this particular vaccine. The pharmacies have superior vaccine refrigeration systems.

Pregnancy and CMV

It’s important for pregnant mothers to understand that you can transmit CMV to your unborn child if you pick up CMV from one of your toddlers or older kids. It’s therefore important that you wash your hands before eating or preparing foods that you plan to ingest during pregnancy. Also, do not share utensils with your kids. Do not finish an ice cream cone that your child has begun. CMV (cytomegalovirus) is a virus that can cause developmental delays in young children. It’s important to make sure that you have been screened for CMV during pregnancy to assess your risk of contracting CMV.