Health and Safety

Hi, here are a few safety tips to help protect little kids.

Place a wall and locked door around your swimming pool, and make sure that an adult is present at all times when your kids are around the pool.  Even if your kids know how to swim, there should be an adult present.  Kids just lack judgment; they’re kids, not adults.

Keep all cleaners and solvents out of the lower cabinets where infants and small children can get at them.

Never buy iron-containing vitamins that looks and taste like candy; kids think they are candy and will eat them up. This is dangerous and will cause life-threatening iron-toxicity.  In fact, don’t buy vitamins over the counter at all unless your doctor recommends them.  For the most past, vitamins are a waste of money.

If you have guns, lock them up in a gun safe.  Better yet, don’t keep guns in the house at all.

Get rid of the trampoline.  Trampolines cause a lot of injuries including broken necks.

Where applicable, teach your child not to talk or associate with strangers.

Smoking can cause damage to the lungs of your kids.  If you have to catch a smoke, do it outside.

Get rid of the junk food around the house.  Parents who eat junk food produce kids who eat junk food.

Minimize the television and video games to no more than 2 hours per day.  Your kids need time to play with each and other and study.

Have the family eat at least one meal together every day.

Get your kids to do chores around the house.  An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Place outlet protectors on the electrical plugs so that your little ones don’t get zapped.

Place your boiling pans of water on the back burners so that the kids don’t get cooked or burned.

Unplug all the irons – curling and regular.

For the little ones, place stair-guards on stairs and latch protectors on cabinets.

Young kids need to know their name, address and phone number in case they get lost.

ATVs.  Let’s get real; we’re talking about a car without a roof and hood.  Kids should not be on them.

Hunting: I don’t think kids less than 16 years of age should be allowed to handle a gun.  They don’t have the strength, and they certainly don’t have the judgment.


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