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Spectrum of Care

Hearing Screening, Newborn Screening, Texas Health Steps, Regular Check-ups, School Physicals, ADHD, Obesity, Sick Visits

Our basic on-site laboratory testing includes the following tests: CBC (Complete Blood Count), Strep Screen, H. Pylori, Urinalysis, Sed Rate, Tympanogram. We can draw the blood on any other test you might need and have it sent out. We also have access to any microbiology you might need done. Our CBC machine is accurate.

We stick to the basic x-rays for basic problems. That means chest, abdomen and extremities. We do not do CT or MRI scanning.

I see kids from 0 to 21 years.  I will see special-needs kids past the age of 21.  I do not give medical advice to the parents of the kids that I see.

Hospital Care
I admit to McAllen Medical Center, RGR Hospital, Edinburg Regional Hospital and Renaissance Hospital through experienced colleagues who specialize in hospital care.  I have discovered that this is the best and most efficient way to take care of patients in the hospital.

We accept all traditional insurance plans except for United Healthcare Medicaid. We do accept United Healthcare under private insurance. We are a CHIP Provider. We accept Medicaid. We accept Blue Cross-Blue Shield.  If you have traditional insurance, what we do is accept your payment obligation at the time of visit and then bill the insurance for you. When we get paid by the insurance company, we will reimburse you your money minus any amount that the insurance company chooses not to pay. If you have a dispute about money, just call us rather than get angry.

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