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What can you do as  a family to make your life better.

1.  Communication.  The best families communicate well with each other.  They tell each other where they are going to be and who they are expecting to show up at the house.  Communication defects are a major source of lost energy and time for a family.  It only takes a few moments to let others know where you are going and if you are expecting a call.

2.  Civil discourse.  Families that swear at each other or, worse, punch each other’s lights out, are headed for trouble.  Just because someone is your brother or sister gives you no practical right to treat them like garbage.

3.  At least one sit-down meal together daily with no exceptions.  A family meal sends some important messages to the kids, and they are:

A.  They as family members are important.
B.  There are family obligations that they are expected to meet.
C.  Collegiality (working together) is important.

It’s easy as the family grows older for kids to go their own way or eat in front of the television.  I don’t recommend it.  I think that as long as kids are living in the house, it is important for the parents to know what is going on with them.

4.  Doing things together.  Obviously, a family meal is one such item.  I don’t think it is absolutely necessary to keep up with everyone else by going to Disney World.  Sometimes you can achieve more by staying local.  If you don’t have the money, you can make your fun at home by playing cards every Friday night.

5. Stability.  There has to be some stability within the family.  Every time someone comes and goes, be it divorce, death, or other circumstance,  that is a disruption to the stability of the family and the child’s mind.

Think of your family as a garden, and you’ll be more able to tend to it better.  If you are constantly tearing up the soil, moving plants around, ripping out others, not tending to weeds, bugs or other bad influences, how well can the garden grow?

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