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Directions and Rules


Our office is located three offices down from the Lindberg Center on the corner of 2nd and Lindberg. If you are coming down Second Street from the north, take a right on Lindberg and go three offices past the Lindberg Center. Our office has a big green metal roof. A huge boulder sits out front.


Every place has go to have rules; without rules the office doesn’t work.

No swearing; you can’t swear at me or the staff.  If you have to swear at us, then I’m not the right doctor for you. It’s easy to work things out if you just speak to us calmly.  When you swear, all trust is lost.

If you just walk in to the office without an appointment, you need to wait.  It’s not fair to the patients who have appointments for you to go first.

Bring your child’s meds and vaccine card.

You have to watch and supervise your kids while they are in the office.

If you get to the pharmacy and they don’t have the meds, call me immediately.

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