Here is a short list of some common developmental milestones for babies and little kids.  These milestones are not written in stone and will vary slightly  from one ethnic group to the next.  Don’t freak out if your baby or child seems delayed; go visit your doctor instead.

Baby: Looks about, smiles (non-purposefully), reacts to sound (when a loud noise is made).

3-4 months:  Supports head, places hands together.

5-6 months:  Grabs stuff, reaches out for things.

7.5 months:  Sits alone

9-10 months:  Says mama or papa.

11  months:  Gets self to a sitting position.

15 months:  Walks well, can pick up things with thumb and forefinger.

20 months:  Says at least 5 words.

22 months:  Walks up steps.

24 months:  Kicks a ball, names a body part, uses a spoon, takes off an article of clothing; helps around the house doing simple stuff.

Crawling is variable; some babies just don’t want to crawl, so if your baby is not crawling – fuggettaboutit.

Also, you’re not going to see a whole lot of speech progression between 12 months and 20 months; don’t worry about it because pretty soon you won’t be able to get your child to be quiet.